We have compiled a list of questions we have often been asked. Please let us know if you have additional questions and one of our team members will be happy to call you! Please use our contact us form for more information.

Where is the Church Located?

Nowhere…and everywhere.  We believe that church is the people that follow Jesus, not the building they gather in.

Do you have a service on Sunday morning?

No, not in the traditional sense.  We occasionally gather for things like worship, serving others or to hear what God is doing in our network.  But, mostly the churches in our network meet together weekly for connection, encouragement, accountability and to listen to God.

Can I visit the church?

Not exactly.  The people in our churches have strong relational connections, so it’s not the best environment for new visitors to show up unannounced.  But that doesn’t mean they’re closed!  We’d be happy to make a connection with you first.  Just reach out to us through our contact us form and we’ll follow up with you.

A 'network' of churches - what does that mean?

We are a network of simple churches (see About Us = Simple Church) that are connected under a singular purpose of making disciples.  Each simple church leader receives training, support and accountability through the church’s leadership team.

Where did 1Body Church come from?

1Body Church began in 2013 through one person’s decision to follow Christ’s command to go and make disciples.  Lee Wood attended a MetaCamp discipleship training event led by missional strategist Curtis Sergeant.  Lee diligently put the training into practice, launching 63 groups in six months.

Soon it became apparent that Lee had gone about it all wrong.  His personal exuberance and evangelistic gifts were insufficient to sustain the growth, and a different approach was required.  Since 2015, 1Body Church has been transformed.

  • We have focused on pouring deeply into a few faithful people, preparing them to pour into others.
  • We have diversified our leadership so that it doesn’t flow through a single person.
  • We have been able to establish a disciple-making presence in one of the poorest areas of Tampa, Florida, which is leading to the transformation of an entire neighborhood.
  • We have had the privilege of pouring deeply into leaders who are reproducing disciple-making movements around the world, in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Africa and Thailand, among others.
  • We have seen 300+ simple churches started.
Are you affiliated with a denomination?

No. Our primary affiliation is with Jesus Christ.

Who is the Sr. Pastor of 1 Body Church?

We don’t have that title in our leadership structure. We intentionally follow Jesus’ teaching and way of life, the direction of the Holy Spirit and the truth found in the Bible.

Who leads the church?

1 Body Church’s leadership team is a collection of seasoned ministry leaders with decades of practical, pastoral ministry and marketplace leadership. We practice a team approach to church leadership:

  • A diversity of gifts and personalities
  • Operating in mutual submission and interdependence with each other
  • Refusing a traditional hierarchical/corporate leadership structure
  • Striving for unity
  • Modelling the servant leadership of Christ
  • Living out the discipleship practices
Why the intense focus on discipleship?

We believe that Jesus’ command to make disciples was for all his followers, not just a select few and not the professional clergy. Every believer is called to be a disciple and to participate in making other disciples.

Why is “movement” so important?

When individual Christians aren’t making disciples, the result is a stagnant or inwardly-focused church—which describes the church as we know it in the West. There are a minority of churches experiencing growth, but the overall growth rate of churches in America isn’t even keeping up with population growth. When individual Christians are committed and equipped to make disciples, the church flourishes and a disciple-making movement occurs.

What does 1Body Church believe?

Here is our What we Believe’ page.

How can I join the church?

1 Body has no formal membership process. Those who are a part of our network have committed themselves to obeying Jesus’ commands. They demonstrate this commitment in the way they carry out their daily lives and our core discipleship practices. There is no higher accountability or membership requirement than this.

How can I get connected or find out more?

We’d be eager to connect with you. Please go to the Contact Us page to introduce yourself.


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