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The Home Church Alliance for Persecuted Christians (HCAPC) was started to inspire and facilitate collaboration and the wise sharing of resources between home churches in the U.S. and in other countries where Christians are persecuted.1 The HCAPC is committed to helping persecuted Christians while maintaining a high level of accountability, transparency, and fiscal effectiveness.

The HCAPC is governed by the elders of 1 Body Church who are responsible for verifying needs, evaluating the solutions proposed by its advisory board, approving grants, and validating project results. The advisory board consists of leaders in home church movements who reside in hostile countries.

HCAPC’s administration expenses are funded by 1 Body Church so that 100% of all donations can be used to fund verified needs with carefully vetted solutions. To provide donors with the highest level of integrity and accountability, the HCAPC utilizes The National Christian Foundation to process and account for all donations. NCF is the largest Christian donor-advised fund in the world. All donations to the HCAPC are tax-deductible.

Donations Can Also Be Mailed To:

The Home Church Alliance for Persecuted Christians
c/o The National Christian Foundation
1901 Ulmerton Road
Suite 400
Clearwater, FL 33762

  1. While persecution occurs in various forms including discrimination and oppression, the HCAPC is primarily focused on helping the millions of Christians who live in countries where they experience more extreme forms of persecution including murder, torture, rape, abduction and forced marriages, slavery, false imprisonment, and forcibly being removed from their homes.


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