Discipleship Training

Being a disciple-maker requires more than just commitment; you need someone to show you the way. We conduct discipleship training sessions to groups all over the world. Here are some of the live training sessions we offer.

  Module 1 – Disciples Making Disciples

Module 1 is our bread-and-butter discipleship training. This 2-day training process is set up for Christians who want a crash course in disciple-making principles and how to start applying the core practices in a practical way.

  Orientation to Disciple-Making Movements

This orientation is similar to the Module 1 Training. It is designed specifically for legacy churches, ministries, organizational leaders or pastoral staff to show the contrast between typical church ministry models and a disciple-making movement approach.

  MetaCamp Discipleship Training

MetaCamp is a 5-day participative and experiential training event that uncovers the biblical principles of discipleship. It is designed to help people become more fruitful disciples of Christ.

MetaCamp is a ministry of church strategist Curtis Sergeant. Go to MetaCamp.org for more details and to see a schedule of upcoming sessions.

  Looking For More Info?

Go to our Manuals & Docs page to download many of the manuals for the training session, or Contact Us if you want to discuss further or need more information.


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