Thing #4: Obey Personally & Train Intentionally

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This is a followup to a previous post, 7 Things We’ve Learned in Seven Years. This is the fourth principle that God has shown us as we’ve walked the journey of disciple-multiplying movement ministry:

Thing #4:
Obey Personally, and Train Others Intentionally

In Matthew 5:19 Jesus communicates that the person who is greatest in the Kingdom of heaven is the one who obeys and trains others to do the same. Understanding the truth (intellectually) is not a substitute for obeying truth (in word and deed) and passing it on to others.

In John 14:21 we read that the manifest presence of God is contingent upon obedience. In other words in order to know Jesus, not just know about Him, we must obey Him. In my words, “if you want to see the magic (have an intimate relationship with God) you have to do the stuff (obey His commandments).”

“Understanding the truth (intellectually) is not a substitute for obeying truth (in word and deed) and passing it on to others.”

The reality is if we do not obey his commandments and train others to do the same we cannot experience oneness with God or community with one another. We can’t, by mere intellectual assent, pass on what we do not possess. We must obey and train others. We can’t produce fruit or manufacture movement apart from an intimate oneness with the Father and the Son by the Spirit. We must be both salt and light in this present world. The evidence of intimacy will be multiplying disciples (followers of Jesus) that can be traced through spiritual genealogies the same way the Bible records physical families. God is glorified when we bear much fruit.

“if you want to see the magic (have an intimate relationship with God) you have to do the stuff.'”

If we desire to do the laundry for all the people in the Tampa Bay Area we would not have to build, buy or lease large laundromats or spend money on industrial washers and dryers. We could use the existing washers and dryers in homes and help/serve one another and, together, figure out how to get it accomplished. Can we fulfill Jesus’ commandment to make disciples who make disciples the same way? #forsuchatimeasthis, If you want to see something you have never seen, you have to do things you have never done. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are NOW. We are all called to obey and train others. Together we can touch the whole world for Jesus!

“I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.” (John 17.23, NLT)

Lee Wood is the Founder and initial catalyst of 1Body Church, as well as a missionary and Apostolic leader with a world vision to launch disciple-multiplying movements until the whole world knows Jesus. He leads and mentors key leaders in launching small house churches to spread the Gospel, starting in the smallest expression in his home in Tampa and eventually across the whole world. This aligns with his philosophy of "dream big, work small". Lee is married to Stacy, is the father of five and grandfather of five.

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  1. bill

    Great application that you have to be a doer before your can be a trainer of others. Paul said imitate me as I imitate Christ .He was doing the stuff he wanted his disciples to do.


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