Our Highest Calling

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Disciple-Making

Many Christians, church leaders and pastors would say that the highest calling of the church is to spread the gospel: Evangelize the lost so more people can be saved. And without a doubt, seeing people trust in Jesus is a priority.

But there’s one thing to consider: That’s NOT the mission Jesus gave to his followers. Uh, wait … what?

Take a look at this…



Want to explore this deeper? Check out chapter 1 of In the Way: Church As We Know it Can Be a Discipleship Movement (Again). If we don’t really understand our mission, then we can’t embrace it and live it out. And if we aren’t living out the mission Jesus gave us…?

In the Way is available in print, e-book or audio-book version. Click the image below to order from Amazon. Or you can visit InTheWayBook.com to download a sample, find out more about the book and get other options for purchase.


image of the cover of In the Way


Feature image photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Damian Gerke is on the leadership team of 1Body Church. He is married to Cheryl, his wife of 30+ years, and they have three grown children.

Damian has a diverse background that includes leadership and development coaching, vocational pastoral ministry and even working as a design engineer in the aerospace industry. He is the author of In the Way: Church As We Know It Can Be a Discipleship Movement (Again) and Taking the Lead: What Riding a Bike Can Teach You About Leadership. He blogs regularly about faith and church leadership issues here at 1Body.church, as well as leadership and life issues at DamianGerke.com.



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