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1Body Communities is a separate non-profit organization under the ministry direction of 1Body Church. We believe that disciple-multiplying movements ultimately transform the communities in which they occur as a result of Jesus’ followers loving God and loving others.

  Why the Focus on Transforming Communities?

Many times those in need are the most responsive to the gospel: The poor, the least, the broken; those who’ve struggled through life’s trials, and those that the world has forgotten about and discarded.

1Body Communities seeks to establish practical solutions in the context of loving relationships, partnering with other social and benevolence organizations to equip individuals, families, neighbors and neighborhoods by the love of Christ.

  What Does Community Transformation Look Like?

1Body Communities is in the midst of developing a local model of a discipling community in a neighborhood of need in Tampa, FL. Based on the principle of disciples making disciples, our first question was, “How can we make the presence of God’s love visible to the unique characteristics and population of this community?”

This led to purchasing an available field in the heart of this poverty-stricken, multi-cultural environment. “The Field” has demonstrated our long-term commitment to those in the community that we intend to make a difference.

Next came a commitment to be “present” in the community. We show up consistently, demonstrating genuine care through engaging activities. We have multiple people living in the community. Just as Jesus demonstrated God’s love by living among us, being in the community allows us to build genuine relationships where we can live out the love of Christ.

Children are magnetized and respond quickly to adults who take time to invest in them, whether it’s math tutoring in an open field, a community-wide barbecue or a Bully Busting, martial arts self-defense training.

People are ripe for hearing our stories of transformation because of Christ’s power and open to following Him. We see and experience this because God has led us to go, to be with them and bring the light of the gospel into their world.

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