Thing #3: Keep Doing What You’re Doing

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Disciple-Making | 2 comments

This is a followup to a previous post, 7 Things We’ve Learned in Seven Years. This is the third principle that God has shown us as we’ve walked the journey of disciple-multiplying movement ministry:

Thing #3:
Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get better at it

Every task is a question of competency, confidence or both. This is true in making disciples who make disciples too. The third principal can be restated a number of ways. One of those is if we do not quit we win. God is not some cosmic kill joy who is just waiting to slap you down for trying and scream at you that you missed the mark by that much.

“if we do not quit we win.'”

The truth of the matter is that we are engaged in spiritual warfare and we will fail repetitively similar to falling off a bike when first learning to ride. The good news is God, loves us, will never forsake us and has chosen, called and ordained us to be His tools to accomplish fulfilling the Great Commission.

“We are engaged in spiritual warfare and we will fail repetitively similar to falling off a bike when first learning to ride.'”

We have failed in every way imaginable but the great news is we have continued to be conformed more to His image and have born fruit for His glory. We continue to make new mistakes and encourage others to do the same. We ask others engaged in the work are you having fun? If we are having fun God is having fun. He loves His children. We are His beloved children in whom He is well pleased.

Lee Wood is the Founder and initial catalyst of 1Body Church, as well as a missionary and Apostolic leader with a world vision to launch disciple-multiplying movements until the whole world knows Jesus. He leads and mentors key leaders in launching small house churches to spread the Gospel, starting in the smallest expression in his home in Tampa and eventually across the whole world. This aligns with his philosophy of "dream big, work small". Lee is married to Stacy, is the father of five and grandfather of five.


  1. Mark Goering

    Re-reading today Lee. Love the simple sticky vision! We are using these in OKC!

    • Lee Wood

      Connecting, communicating and collaborating in love and unity with one another bro!!!!


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