Video Training

Here are some free discipleship training video resources. If you are looking to get started immediately with online discipleship training, look no further.

  Multiplication Concepts

This is a series of 30 videos that highlight many of the key concepts in discipleship. The videos feature church strategist Curtis Sergeant and are free of charge and accessible online.

Go to the Multiplication Concepts course.


Zume is an online training process designed as an 10-week series of group meetings. The content is animated videos with built-in times for application and practice.

Go to the Zume Project for more details.

  Module 1 and the Disciple-Making Bookmark

These two videos come from our partner Biglife. They go with our Module 1 training manuals (see Manuals & Docs). There’s an overview of the Module 1 training and a resource  we call “the bookmark”—a simple graphical tool you can use to quickly explain parts of disciple-making process.

Go to the Module 1 Discipleship Training Review

 Go to the Bookmark Explanation



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